Week 3: Workout #2 and Weigh-In

Oh man, I fell off the wagon in abigway last week.

Aftermy disastrous workout attempt on Wednesday,我并没有努力去健身房直到昨晚晚上。万博亚洲虽然我能够在跑步机上放在一个体面的会议上,但我没有做任何举重。而且我事先没有伸展(我知道,我知道),所以我完成后,我的腿部肌肉非常紧张和疼痛。至少我走了,虽然......说法被告知,我是*这把责任*不打扰。呃,需要停止。


  • 5 minute warm-up walk
  • 在跑步机上20分钟,交替走路和慢跑
  • 5-minute cool-down walk



The good news is that I think I’m finally ready to progress to Week 2 of theC25K.program. The Week 1 jogging segments have been easier the last couple of times I’ve been to the gym, and I’ve been able to run faster, too. So starting this week, I’ll be alternating 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes per session.

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Week 3: Workout #1


Last night was probably the worst workout I’ve had since I started Beginner Fitness Junkie.


I’ve discovered that I have basically three levels of energy when it comes to exercising and how I feel before and after I work out. They are:

A) I have TONS of energy that I burn off when I work out, and I feel great afterward;


C) I feel tired and gross before I start, and I never really get the energy that I need, and I finish the workout feeling even more tired and gross.


I’d had a long day at work and a hellish commute home, but I hadn’t been to the gym since Sunday so I put on my shorts, laced up my sneakers and headed out the door.


I attempted the same walking/jogging segments at the same speed as I had on Sunday. I noticed almost immediately that the same level of exercise was getting my heart rate a lot higher. On Sunday, walking at 3 miles an hour and jogging at 3.5 mph got my heart rate hovering right around the 65% “fat burn” zone, so it was a comfortable workout. Last night, the same intensity resulted in my heart rate pushing the 85% “cardio” zone, which wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t know whether it was due to the heat or general tiredness or what.

我感觉tired and sluggish the whole way through, and ended up stopping at the 18-minute mark. Bleccchh.

Here’s the mini-recap:

  • 5分钟的热身步行
  • stretch
  • 在跑步机上18分钟,交替排名90距离和60秒的慢跑
  • 3套10bicep curls
  • stretch

This was the first time a workout hasn’t rejuventated me and given me more energy. I just felt gross and tired afterward.

Let’s hope the next one goes a little better.

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I’m a little late posting this, but better late than never, right?

我上周只设法挤在两名训练中,第二个是昨晚的​​训练。万博亚洲如我所说manbetx 3.0 APP , I’ve been getting really sore muscles after my workouts. I figured it was probably a result of either not stretching enough or pushing myself too hard—or possibly both. So I chose to address both those issues last night.

Before I went to the gym, I went throughan entire stretch routine geared specifically toward runners。然后我去了健身房,并在第1天的一周内尝试了一次Couch to 5K。我在一小时3英里的跑步机上做了我的行走段,只有慢跑段略微增加到3.5。(我早些时候在5.0跑了5.0,这就是为什么我只有两次或三个部分的疯狂疼痛的小牛肌肉。)我也在每个跑步后伸展我的小腿,让他们抓住我。

I’m excited to report that not only was I able to finish the whole 30 minutes (5-minute walking warm-up; 20 minutes alternating running and jogging; and 5-minute cool-down), but I was comfortable upping my speed for the last two running segments. I did one at 4 miles an hour, and my final running spurt was at 5 miles an hour.



  • 3套10bicep curls
  • 3组10个Tricep扩展
  • 3套10张胸部压力机
  • 1套10个蹲下
  • 每条腿上1套10个弓步
  • 1 set of 10 plies
  • 30个仰卧起坐

Then I returned to my apartment and stretched again. For the first time, I had no post-workout pain, and with the exception of a slight twinge in my right bicep and lower back, I’m pain-free today, too.


I also had my weekly weigh-in yesterday. I lostmanbetx 而且我回到了我的重量。耶和华的小成就!

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A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded theCouch to 5K running plan。我想,在锻炼计划上开始的更好的方法,而不是选择对初学者量身定制的人?

Now I’m thinking that even the C25K is too ambitious for me.

我从来没有成为跑步者。当我在三年级时,我花了一个赛季为我的社区的足球联赛而玩。我喜欢踢那个该死的球,并从头弹跳它,但我讨厌running laps. I was the slowest on my team, and my coach would usually make me do an extra lap just for trailing behind. Ass.

Now, though, Iwantto be a runner. Every day when I drive home from work, I see joggers out enjoying the fresh air and exercise. You know the types—they make running look fun. Every muscle works together in a fluid motion, and running almost looks musical when they do it. I want to be one ofthem


I know that I’m at the point where if I push myself too hard, I’m just going to give up, And I don’t want to do that. So for the next few weeks, I’m just going to focus on walking during my exercise routine. I’ll jog if I feel up to it, but I won’t seriously attempt the C25K plan again until my legs are a little more ready to take on the challenge.

That being said, here’s the recap of today’s workout:

  • 5-minute stretch
  • 3套10bicep curls
  • 3套10shoulder presses
  • 2 sets of 10 lunges (on each side)
  • 3套10tricep extentions
  • 2 sets of 10dumbbell front raises
  • 30个仰卧起坐
  • stretch

Then I walked down to the gym in my apartment community (3 minutes, mostly down a slight hill) and put in 25 minutes on the treadmill. I started off with the C25K plan and got in three 60-second jogging intervals (interspersed with 90 seconds of walking) before my lower legs threatened to quit. I compromised and did the rest of the session at a brisk walk.

Now as I sit here icing my calves, I have to wonder—how long does it take until your muscles get accustomed to exercise? Any readers who have been there and done that, please feel free to share your wisdom!

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I don’t know whether it was themanbetx 或者我在周末做过的所有春天清洁,但我已经脱离了佣金几天,疯狂疼痛。我终于感觉好多了,所以计划今晚上班后恢复锻炼。

In the meantime, though, I’m going to share another recipe, this one courtesy of Rachael Ray (30分钟的餐点)。我并不总是爱她的展示 - 她的个性可以光栅,并且她烹饪的食物太辛辣或炎热了很多。此外,“30分钟”通常意味着厨房里的30分钟努力。我宁愿烹饪一些我只需要在烤箱里流行。它可能需要超过30分钟,但我不必在厨房里花一定时间。

That being said, Igotten some really tasty recipes from her. This is one of them.

在展会上,Rachael服务这餐晚餐打碎的菜花和唐莴苣to make it Atkins-friendly. You couldn’t pay me to try Atkins (I love my carbs too much), so I usually just whip up some mashed potatoes and a veggie of some sort. The real star here is the gravy…YUM.


·2-3 pound slab of London broil

·Worcestershire sauce

·Salt and pepper

·1 small shallot, finely chopped






Preheat broiler. Season both sides of London broil with Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Broil meat for 6 minutes; turn meat over and broil six more minutes.

(I usually keep the oven rack in the middle position for this because I find if it’s too close to the heat, it gets all crispy. I like my meat at least medium rare, especially when you’re dealing with a tough cut of meat like London broil.)

Meanwhile, cook shallot in 2 tbsp. melted butter until tender but not brown. Whisk in flour; allow to cook for 1 minute. Whisk in beef broth and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. When gravy boils, turn the heat down and cook for one minute more. Whisk in ¼ cup steak sauce; heat through.



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I had a pretty jam-packed weekend, so I skipped out on the traditional gym workout. I did getsomeexercise in both days, however.

On Saturday I took the hubby up to Philadelphia for the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute. We took SEPTA into Suburban Station, walked up to the Franklin Institute, ate hot dogs in the park, spent an hour looking atStar Warsartifacts and costumes, walked down to Love Park for dinner, and then walked back to the train station. All told, I’d say we put in about 3 miles of walking yesterday.

Today was cleaning day, and IknowI burned some calories scrubbing out our bathtub. Also, we were out of laundry detergent—and rather than drive three minutes to the closest drugstore, I decided to save on gasget my workout in by just walking over there. It was about a mile and a half round trip, but there was a big-ass hill involved, so I definitely got some cardio in.



我并不令人惊讶,但 - 除了布莱利热狗外,我们还有墨西哥菜吃晚餐。Enchiladas,Tostadas,米饭,牛奶,cheese,玛格丽塔斯和龙舌兰酒镜头......如果规模反映了在此之后的任何重量损失,我就会非常惊讶。我没有工作过hard at the gym. (The food was delicious, though!)

不用担心 - 我急忙减肥,我只是在一次迈出这个婴儿一步。第2周明天开始,所以让我们看看我们从这里去的地方!

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Recipe Post: Ranch Chicken Thighs and Rice

I’m taking it easy today—no gym for me. So in today’s blog post, I’m going to do that other thing I promised: share recipes! We’ve worked hard this week; let’s celebrate with a yummy dinner.


Ranch Chicken Thighs and Rice



·½ cup ranch dressing

·½ cup dry bread crumbs








Preheat oven to 375 degrees.


Pull the skin off the chicken thighs. (Trust me, you won’t miss it.) Lightly sprinkle the skinless thighs with salt and pepper. Dredge each thigh through the ranch dressing and then through the breadcrumb mixture. Place in a lightly greased glass baking dish.

烤大腿375 45分钟。你不需要to turn them; just let them hang out in the oven.


Serve chicken and rice with steamed vegetables (I personally prefer green beans, broccoli, or spinach with this meal.)


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I tried the oh-so-scary elliptical machine today, after reading article after article singing its praises. And I’ll be honest…after 15 minutes or so on the elliptical, I have to say that Ivastly喜欢跑步机。

所有推动和拉动椭圆形的手柄只是我的事。我发现它筋疲力尽,真的不值得麻烦。然而,在跑步机上行走和慢跑,很有趣。(ish。)我觉得我知道我在跑步机上做了什么。跑步机更具诱人,更容易。它说,“安吉拉,选择我!你所要做的就是走路!你可以做到这一点 - 你知道如何走路!如果你愿意,你甚至可以慢跑!但你不必!“



椭圆:“或者你可以做间隔训练!或交叉训练!或者backwardscross training! Or…”




Here’s the breakdown of my trip to the gym:

  • 15分钟的巨型椭圆形
  • 在固定自行车上15分钟(哪个hurtmy tailbone, but was otherwise fun)
  • 2 sets of 10 reps on two leg curl machines
  • 3套10bicep curls
  • 3组10个Tricep扩展
  • 2 sets of 10反向哑铃苍蝇(这些比他们看起来更艰难)
  • 10 modified push-ups
  • 30个仰卧起坐

我觉得我在体重升降中没有有很多方向 - 我只是有点做我听说过的其他地方的练习。我今天从健身房回来后,我发现了改变形状, which is a GREAT Web site. They have a lot of different weight workouts geared toward people like me with pretty much no weight training experience. I’m going to test those out beginning Monday, and I’ll post the results here.

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manbet 万博亚洲


首先,你可以从我的身上弄清楚introductory post,这篇博客并不是成为铁杆严重的健康和健身博客。我不是为了吃得健康的方式 - 我不反对它,我吃了我的果蔬和蔬菜的公平份额,但我也不会放弃我的舒适食物。像土豆泥。和意大利面。和ribeyes。和啤酒。我爱啤酒。


Also, in case it’s not perfectly clear, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I’m not a nutritionist. (Duh.) I’m not a fitness expert. What works for me may not work for anyone else, and vice versa. So if I do offer any advice here, don’t take my word as gospel.

基本上,我只是想在我的生活中工作一点运动。如果我在过程中减肥或调整,很棒!而且我想在我这样做时玩得开心,而不是让它认真地拿走 - 在路上制作一些在线朋友会很有趣。因此这个博客。


I’ve decided that I’m going to have a weigh-in and measurement every Sunday to see if what I’m doing makes a difference. So the first one was yesterday. I’m not going to post the exact numbers, but suffice it to say that I’m slightly chunky, with my main problem areas being my butt, thighs and beer belly. (Mmmm, beer.)


  • 5分钟的拉伸课程
  • 5分钟的轻快走动到热身
  • 跑步机上20分钟步行/慢跑组合会议(交替60秒的慢跑,90秒的步行)


Then I did 30 crunches and another 5-minute stretch session.

我昨晚感到很好,但我今天今天有点万博亚洲疼了 - 主要是在我的腿和背部。我今天在休息,我明天会回到健身房。

manbet 万博亚洲 manbet 万博亚洲

欢迎来到初学者Fitn万博亚洲ess Junkie!



See? I told you it wouldn’t be what you thought.

So I created this blog to document my journey down the road to fitness, and to track any progress I make. I’m really curious to see if I can lose weight without giving up the food I love so much. Along the way, I’ll be sure to share any advice or nuggets of information I’ve gleaned along the way.


So, welcome! Feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself. Then sit back, grab a set of dumbells and a bag of potato chips, and bear with me as we jump into the big scary world of treadmills and ellipticals.

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